Jake is addicted to giving jungle worlds wotw

well at first when the world jungleruin became wotw it felt like such a copy
because jungleruins had already been a wotw and now thejungletemple is crowned wotw.

it just feels like for me that jake is giving this type of worlds wotw a lot.

especially they were given so close to each other

and the fact that there is only 1 letter difference between two worlds?
it couldn’t really be a coincedence

the worlds were nice especially jungleruin
although jungleruins was a nice world it felt a bit plain using the exact same blocks all through the parkour

anyway share your thoughts.

Tell Jake to visit rainstorm it’s jungle themed. I bet he would make it wotw. JK i dont think its even wotw worthy

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Jungle/forest themed worlds are just really common since those blocks are easy to get & cheap.

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Also my wotw JUNGLERUINS few months back

well not necessarily the jungle ruin blocks they are pretty hard to get i agree that the sour ground and other blocks are easy to get tho

i mentioned your world in my post

Oh boy i can change that ,but i need financial support

I need red jet bruhhhh