Jet Mechanic

Jet Mechanic is usefull for new players, they can costumize their jets by giving some Gold Gears.
Using and seeing wooden jets all the time is boring, so this feature can be added to make new players or players that doesn’t have any Jet happier.

Choose Jet color = 10 Gold Gear.
Choose Jet wing color = 5 Gold Gear
Choose back Jet wing color = 5 Gold
Stickers = 5 Gold Gear each

Skull Sticker
Radioactive Sticker
Light Clan Sticker
Dark Clan Sticker
PW Sticker
Pacdude Sticker
Star Sticker
I’m working on adding more details like engine, propellers, window, different jet fuselages,mixed jet colors.
Adding those will be expensive, so your own jet will come into inventory instead of only using it in jetrace.


this is great this is actually needed most people won’t get 50 tokens so they cannot get a jet so this will be something that tokens will be used for instead of being unused by tons of people

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Changing the jet color, would be kinda hard for the devs to do as they would have to have each part in every color. But decals would be cool to have on jets.

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If they could add this i dont see any points having jets we already have because they Are going to look Same cool- so i have to disagree with you making such a feature.