Jetball feature

Located to the top of the entrance portal, the Jet Ball NPC is used to enter a Jet Ball with different players. Joining the Jet Ball requires a fee, 500 gems.
If you want to play Jet Ball for free with your friends, you can buy a Jet Ball Practise Portal in the shop.

1vs1=winner gets 1000 gems.
2vs2=winners gets 1500 gems per player.
3vs3=winners gets 2000 gems per player.

Max 1-6 player can join. (3vs3)
Player needs to give 500 gems to get in Jetball world.
If both teams doesn’t score in 5 minutes, the golden goal starts and the first golden goal wins the game.
If the opposing team is 2 player and you’re the only one, the game waits until one player join your team.
The ball has no gravity, so it’s falling down slowly.
When a team scores, everyone goes back into closed yellow areas and after 3 seconds the jetball continues again.

The field could be bigger.
The size of the ball may vary.
More speed arrows can be added to the inside of the field.
The JetBall tournament may come in the future.


This could give another use for jets


Lag ruins normal jetrace too, but main point of jetball is having fun with friends or different players. Also there is jetball practise portal you can go there and make sure you don’t have any lag before entering real jetball.
Thanks for your opinion. :blush:

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Lag does not ruin jetrace as in jetrace you play as an individual. Although other players may be there, you are not officially interacting/competing with them. Imagine a game like this with people lagging. Everything would just be teleporting around.

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editson, master of pixel art i love your arts <3

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Ah classic arcade… I love If it would exist

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no (20 characters) …

Seems like Apoov just hates getting teamed up with Ghustie…

It’s a good idea, but the chances of 6 players having less than 100 ping is really slim. So it’s not going to be much fun. It would be fun offline.