Jetrace Practice Mode PB! (0:59:08)

Today I finally got a new Jetrace Practice Mode PB of 0:59:08! It’s my first sub 1 minute run aswell.
Sadly not the WR (afaik the WR is 0:59:01 by VeryTall), but pretty close :smiley:.
It actually happened during TheRetroCritic’s stream and I got a clip of it.
Here is the screenshot of the time:

What’s your guys’ Personal Best?

In one thread verytall posted hes fastest run was 51 or too 59.1 secs but Im not sure.

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Yeah thats the WR i was referring too, I will try to find the post and link it

Title was “Are you faster than me” or smth it was Made by orangehairguy