Just got a random question lol 😂

Yo guys lol, what would you do if a girl just straight out of nowhere came up to you and confessed. (Pretty nice one too, ya know) :smirk::smirk::smirk: Because something similar happened to me today and I was so embarrassed but happy… :flushed:

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I reject her coz mama aint raise no simp :sunglasses::sunglasses::metal:t2::handshake:


Dudeee, you finna be missin out on some snack.

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DUDE TOO EARLY LOL! Bro, you’re supposed to have a first kiss… :joy:

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Nah nah nah, its good to have a girlfriend. If you have one bro it doesnt mean your simping LOL

your inability to understand jokes :man_facepalming:

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Yeah sorry dude, I don’t get very bad jokes. :scream:

eh didnt think the joke was bad also if you thought the joke was bad you wouldn’t have liked it…

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Bro I was joking lol :joy: Btw any tips for my new girlfriend (should I make my next move :kissing:)

sure if you want to go for it.

what a chad



This thread proves why its important to have female friends too, not just male ones.

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:joy::joy::joy: I might ask her to marry me see her reaction. Imma record it too…

Don’t do that…

You might risk her not liking you anymore…

Don’t know how seriously you actually wanna take this but if you do that, she will definitely think that you’re not taking it seriously and that realtionship will end right then and there, especially when you’ve ‘known’ this person for maybe a day or something like that.

Maybe that would be for her better


Too far, this is still the Pixel Worlds forums, you know?

What you mean bro lol