Just quitted for a few months (part 3)

Today I want to talk about influencers.

Ok so , we all can agree that some influencers are doing their thing and entertain us , but what about those that don’t?

Some influencers have no content/any idea to put in a video , but , some influencers become influencers just to get profit.

As an example , Lanosev Pw , the guy was doing pw ytb since 2017-2018 , and in a video called I think “Selling spirit claw” , there was a fan that was buying the item for overprice , afterwards he said “He is buying […] , and that’s because I’m Lanosev”.

I don’t really know what to say , becoming influencer just to profit seems garbage.
Some are willing to overprice something just because the seller is an influencer , and some are willing to cheap something just bcs the buyer is an influencer.

I am the 1st person to ever get the Frost Shard from Shard Booster and Lanosev wanted to buy it for 80 wls , I didn’t accept the trade and instantly he called me trash kid and then banned me from world , later that day I sold it for 157wls or more , I don’t remember.

If you are just a normal player, it’s hard sometimes to get profit because nobody really is interested in your trade.

This is some stuff I wanted to say
Maybe tommorow I will post something again.


well, it’s good that Lanosev is not posting anymore.
I get to your point, abusing your position in the community sounds really wrong.
especially when you’re supposed to influence people AKA showing them the right path.
And some people just… are heartless about how it can hurt some community members.

Example Totul.


And some “content creators” barely make Pixel Worlds videos every month, averaging a whopping 500-2000 views each, with an audience of debatably 6000 fake subscribers. Kriss…d cough cough.

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screw this community sometimes…actually mostimes.

screw that guy for using his fame to his advantage!

Plus we prob need more mods :slight_smile:


also why is everyone so toxic in a kiddie game.

some people take it way to serious…like just chill adn stop swearing

it hurts me internally


Some content creators out there thinks they are superior, until a moderator bans them for abusing power. Wait! Creator rank can’t get banned?

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Well if the event of lanosev calling you trash was literally 1 - 2 years ago, I don’t think you should even try to remember such of a disturbing event, maybe try to watch Serxan instead :+1:

Some people also tend to use other player’s reputation as advance to make people to join their world.

People should never buy overpriced things from “influencers” just because they are famous. Most people would do anything to be associated with a famous player and that’s why people pay overpriced for items.

If we want to stop this, people should stop paying overpriced for items that they know aren’t worth what they are paying, and should instead find another seller.

Also famous players should think about the “power” and effect they have on people and should be more careful when selling a high value item.