Just random threat to wish good luck in BT (looks like this is now clan recruits topic idk)


Also gl to you

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has 10 gems


goodluck! i also made a promise that i will give my epic pickaxe to my cousin if i get the hair, then i got it

Oh…i will donate my epic pick AND donate all my gems to clan if i get legendary

Join our clan
no excuses

Clan REP is Recruiting!
Clan Reputation is currently recruiting for active members! We are a level 8 Light clan, half full gem bar, with no daily requirements! We currently have 10 free slots.

What facilities do we have? Well, we have an autofarm :pick: , that is free to use for clan members, A private fishing world :fishing_pole_and_fish: is also available, in case you need to fish in silence. We also provide a renting system, where you could rent your own gear.

Interested in joining? Hop in the clan’s Discord Server, and apply there! Take your time, for we’d be patient. We hope that you enjoy your stay in our clan.

Good luck on applying, and have a nice day!

Discord Clan Code = RdHSWDA


Im already in a clan but ill think about this xD

Your forum posts always are so surreal.

Clan -PH- is Recruiting!
Clan Pixelhunters is currently recruiting active members! We are a level 7 Dark clan, about a 10th done, with 500 gems daily, no xp! We currently have 1 free slot.

What facilities do we have? Our beautiful halloween themed clan world. (A medium fishing world too)

Extras: Pro leader (real pro), help with wiring, pro members (some), if you gain the leaders trust a good auto farm world.

Interested in joining? Add me on discord, and meet me ingame! Take your time, for we’d be patient. We hope that you enjoy your stay in out clan.

Good luck on applying, and have a nice day!

Pm me for my discord, be fast or the slot is gone!

join hueco mundo, we are cool

either join hueco mundo, REP, or the furry clan :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t own a clan but I will accept your gems


Hey hey hey hey

Did you know that
Clan name: FURRY
Level: 6
Faction: Dark
Tag: [FURRY]

Requirements n’ stuff
Once you join you have to deposit 10k gems into the clan
This is the only gem requirement the clan has, after you have donated 10k gems you are not forced to donate any more gems. (But donations are always appreciated)

This clan is a social clan, we do not need soulless husks who get 300k gems a month and donate it to the clan without a word.
We want people who socialize with other members in the clan and help the clan stay alive.
You have to be semi-active in the game or in the clan discord server.

Other Info

We host 3 game nights every month where we play other games with clan members and have fun.

We host clan events with special prizes every Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Summer.
(And we update the clan world design every season so it feels just a bit more lively)

Even though the clan name and tag is FURRY we accept anyone into the clan. (We might bully you but that’s just our way of welcoming you and loving you as a silly clan member)

If you plan on joining please know how to speak proper english.

Please contact Light#1875 on discord If you want to join, If he doesn’t respond in 10 hours just give up.


What if he’s not social?

Would you still want him to join? :confused:

what if he donates 299k

Heya everyone, me and the leader of our clan are recruiting members.

Clan name : TheHackerz
Clan tag: [Hack]
Faction : Dark
Clan level: 7
Clan world : thehackerz
XP: :zap: 10k per day
GEMS: :gem:: 1.5k per day
If you need help, you can ask every clan members, leader and co-leader can also help members.

We have 5 free slots and we mainly looking for gems donations because we filling xp fast

For more information about the rules of the clan, we made a section in clan world where you can get more details.

If you are interested, contact me or BugInSky:
@ BugInSky#3600
@ RetNos#3877

Hope to see you in game but anyway… Cya around !

How this turned from a trash topic to a clan recruitment topic

was this trash?

no, or well it was kind topic, meant to wish us luck, but over all irrelevant, because it probably wont affect our loot

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Join Clash because we bash the trash