Just shut down PW already

There’s literally no purpose to keep running it. Kukouri has zero interest to hire anyone new (no open job positions), and 3 people working on a multiplayer game with a large community certainly isn’t enough, with one being on martial leave.

The game is currently on the backburner. No exciting, new stuff is released, no streams are done (Jake still streams, but other games), one of the few devs told Jake to never stream PW again, “limited” items are now re-released, events are constantly on a cycle, the dev team not giving 2 craps about major bugs such as the gem bags in the summer event, and the list goes on and on.

A game which’s primary focus is on the multiplayer aspect just can’t run like that, with the economy collapsing.

Just why? CK and the other OldPW devs went on to CK’s new global marketplace game with Jake being a consultant. They don’t need PW anymore. They won’t come back, and unless the job slots open, nobody new is getting hired.

money generator

the items that returned were never said to be limited


We all follow the same formula the game always had. Robert I know how you love to defend pw but you can’t just ignore the fact that we have a formula and should just assume what is limited and what isn’t just because the devs refuse to give any information on it

soon bags of gems will be in every event

Actually have to side with Robert here , even in Jakes time it was said these non month specific (as in date) items would return .

The reason stated was prices getting out of hand - so create a little more supply and deter mass hoarding

Of course hoarding continued and most of the moaning comes from those that did so…

Do i agree with it? In principle, yes, but we ALL love new items too!

This lack of communication from those behind PW i find disturbing .

Robert is also right about it (the game) being a money generator.
It attracts plenty of new players. Who are the ones that are most likely to spend €$£¥ in game and watch ads to gain gems

I would add I’m not sure how many of the hoards of old players would actually return even with new events/items/etc . Kukuori probably think this too. :cry:

No - I don’t like it.

we should have known from the beginning that items without a specific year date are meant to return if necessary since the first time it happened in halloween 2020, im not just assuming

the reasons are greed added to lack of developers and funding otherwise they would have created new items for everything while controlling the economy with the bc store and terminated duplication accidents as soon as they were discovered

and talking about duplication, it’s been going on since february 2022 but they kept it low and came out big this summer and in the past weeks

Yeah, i can see what you mean.

Another thing I don’t get is why haven’t the dev’s closed the door on the loopholes? They must know what they are or else they don’t know what they are doing !.

What else do they even have to do??

Also a lot of accounts have been closed . Loads … i can see this for myself world hunting… There is a clear pattern and time frame …

I feel for those who don’t get a response on the ‘banned for having duped BC’ or ‘… innocently buying a duped item’ (especially via PWE) and getting nothing returned

Again what are the Devs doing ffs … ?

Which is the other reason i find Kukouri’s
non communication disturbing … I for one will now not spend any real money in it…

they did not remove the gem pouches most likely because they had nothing to add

Just quit the game like all the other sensible people, its not going to change.

Nah , not yet …

I’m enjoying doing all my projects and can’t give up world hunting…