Keypad Wiring prop

This is a prop suggestion for a Keypad.
The keypad would be a prop that looks like its mounted on a wall.
players can interact with the keypad by pressing ‘E’ near it (on mobile tap the bubble) and it would popup a 4-digit pin code screen.
If a player types in the correct pin code then the keypad will emmit a wiring signal which lasts for a set period of time, before returning back to inactive.

thats basically it. I think this would be a really cool addition to story/adventure worlds. I think this could also be a really cool adition to the secretbase.

there could be a secretbase module where you have to go get the 4 digits from around the room, and you have to activate the keypad to unblock the exit to the next module.

what do you think?

It would be cool, but you can do same thing with password portal

time for people to make elevators with the keypad

its like a password portal + button. I like the idea I think instead of a button maybe you can punch it like in real life where your pressing buttons on it.

Nice idea, although as previously mentioned, using a pasword portal, a normal portal and a proximity sensor can get you a similar result. If you add in a Signal Holder Gate, any platoform, some blocks and a bumper, you can have the Password Portal above the platform, the sensor below the platform, the portal below the sensor and the bumper below the portal. Then you place blocks around everything except the password portal and connect the proximity sensor to the Signal Holder. Now you just have to set the password and make the password portals target the normal portal.
If now you enter the right Password, you will get sent to the normal portal, trigger the Sensor and get bumped above the platform by the bumper again.