Kitsune mask's problem

I see that the Fox mask is similar with Kitsune mask and the fact that you can wear hairs with the fox mask (you can’t with Kitsune mask), it would be great if Kitsune mask would have the same ability as the Fox one.


It’s a shame that despite all these people lurking, and how darn easy it is to see every post on this new layout, niche posts like these don’t get any attention.

This seems like a fair suggestion to change. Kitsune mask needs a buff.


Fox mask allows hairs but no hats.
Kitsune mask allows hats but no hairs.

How do you know that you can’t wear Hats with the Fox mask? Even if it wouldn’t let you I think that they should add this features to the masks…

It’s either way, unfortunately you can’t have both because of the current character sprite layering.
Now people who prefer hair over hats can wear Winter Fox mask and people who like hats with their mask can use Kitsune.

First official post at the new forums, yay!