Knockback option on world locks

The ability to allow punching, but disable / enable knockback as well.

When PVP first came out, Jake said something considering this as an addition but the idea never saw the light of day after.

but we have the no-knockback perk for people who don’t like knockback

This is for worlds that want punching but not knockback. Not having an edge in PVP.

Seems like a pretty niche option, but there would be no harm in including it.

I’m not really seeing how this will be a good idea unless the perk is replaced with something else. Perk is supposed to be something special. If it can easily be altered from a world’s rule, it’s hardly anything but ‘perk’. For that reason, unless this perk gets replaced with something else, this whole thing should not be a thing in PW.

I’ve been suggesting this before they added the perk, and now when someone wants to be in a world, they can’t use their special items like paintbrushes.
Or what about a world that has a specific PVP area? What if the world isn’t entirely based around PVP? Now everyone outside of the PVP lock needs to have a high level perk just to not get annoyed by some random person? Or, what if the owner wants the entire world to not have knockback?

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You provide a lot of good reasons there actually, sure then, they may as well add it.