Krampus sack that increases inventory space!

Krampus Sack
a consumable item that can be obtained from Krampites, an uncommon enemy that randomly spawn in worlds that try and kill players.

Krampus sack increases inventory space by 5, and you can use 10 of them.


Seems pretty cool, those enemies would have to be quite rare though imo, since normally upgrading the backpack is already kind of of expensive.

Cool idea, more inventory space is really required!

Due to the theming, this seems like it’d only occur during Christmas, which seems unusual for something that would be beneficial to have all-year-round. Like @Joestar said though, they’d have to be very rare, especially if they’d be available all-year-round.

Ehhh, no… Best to just add more purchasable slots than something like this. To avoid high gem prices, byte coin could be used to buy additional slots over the 100. However, if inventory is a big problem for you (it really shouldn’t be), the bank bot is pretty good.

This would be amazing but if you can use it 10 times the Krampites should be really rare like rift portal rare or maybe a bit less rare like, they are more common in winter and in any other season they are really hard to find. OR another good idea is that you could use it as a bundle so you dont have to drop items in worlds when you want to trade, so you could place like 20 items in it and once you open it up it breaks and you cant use it anymore.

Not a fan of this idea, but I would love to get more inventory.

It’s not a bad idea, but I would rather to just add more inventory spaces available for purchase with gems.

I used to say 100 inventory slots is enough, but with the amount of random items I like to keep in my inventory at once, it is not enough anymore. I don’t care too much how they implement ways to expand inventory space, I just care that they eventually do it in a way that you don’t have to pay $$$ to get them.

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Okay, this is epic :sunglasses:
100 spaces Isn’t enough and this seems like a cool way to add more s p a c e

I rather use Gems, adding more ways would be adding more confusion to the game.

This would be a great addition to world events, especially considering most new updates’ systems take place in dynamic worlds.

Are people really that slow?

Maybe add a Red Exclamation Mark (like butterfly/rift spawned) to know it’s the sack it spawned


Yeah it is supposed to be like that for every event

It would be nice to have some bosses, to kill them all, and get a loot treasure bag (Like in Terraria)
It would be nice if we have some lore based bosses, and get loot from them.
Like to have to do some puzzles, after you completed them, you will go to the rift world, enter the password portal, and when you enter, you will have to fight a boss
Seems like a good idea

Maybe you can make some suggestion posts

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Yeah, maybe is worth it!