Kukouri as a company

I’ve started questioning in my head more and more (that I get closer and closer to my 15th birthday when I get an ID card and become responsible for my own actions) what Kukouri Oy actually is.
I’ve started assuming that “Kukouri” is just a codename for a group of developers that have created PW and Tiny Troopers and not an actual, full-on company or business.

So I’ve got questions about this:

  • Is there actually a CEO of Kukouri? Is there an actual “leader” of the company? All the PW admins seems to be just employees and not people in charge of it.

  • Can you get a job in there? I’ve mostly come to the conclusion that you cannot be an employee of Kukouri, based on multiple factors:
    – The number of game admins hasn’t raised since the game release. At least I think.
    – Jake’s videos have implied that you cannot become an admin. In that one “reading support” video, when he replied to the “I want to help by banning scammers”, he has stated that “Unless you become a moderator, you can’t do that.”
    – Jake hasn’t responded to questions about Kukouri internship/employment in the latest stream.
    – There is no Kukouri webpage (I think). www.pixelworldsgame.com links to here, the forums. The forum link isn’t something like “/forums” or “forums.pixelworldsgame.com”, it’s literally the root page. No kind of FAQ at least.
    – No official threads regarding the company whatsoever in the forums.

Honestly, this is the least transparent popular game company when it comes to stuff like jobs or how it works.

I assume that the “Oy” part of “Kukouri Oy” is something like “s.r.o.” or “inc.”, as I’ve seen it in other finnish companies.

I’m sorry for pinging you, @Dev, but an official response to this would at least make it more clear for people if they want to become an Admin and help with game development.

Also, bear in mind that it’s not my final decision on what company to work at yet. I still have a long way to go until I become 18, PW could even be discontinued when I turn 18. Don’t take this as me 100% wanting to work at Kukouri and have a job.

They actually do have a webpage, it’s http://kukouri.com/

Never knew they had a webpage. And it actually answered what I’ve been stumped on for the last few weeks, yes, they ARE hiring.

I didn’t need to bother Dev with it then.

It just really started confusing me that there’s so much red flags that point to it being a “closed” company.

The CEO of Kukouri is Kim Soares. He is actually at the end of this video

The game has gotten a new admin a little while ago her name is lokalapsi, she is data analyst.

Oy = LTD = Private Limited Company.

Limited companies can be private or public. Unlike a publicly limited company, where shares are traded on the stock exchange, a private limited company does not publicly trade shares and is limited to a maximum of 50 shareholders.

You can certainly try getting a job there if they are hiring and you qualify. All private limited companies need to legally have at least a CEO and a director.

Here is the information of the company, along with its sales and profits/losses each year.
Use google translate Finnish - English.

You’d probably need to go through some kind of university to even have a chance, so it’s more like your mid 20s.

Their company profits for 2019 was just 36 000 €, which is less than the average salary of 37 680 €.

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I once tried applying for a Job Shadowing there. Basically a way to get to know the place, but they rejected it. They did compliment my application being above average of my age group, tho.

(Thanks Kim :eye::eye:)


Maybe but idk I mean their most famous g ames are probably tiny troopers and Pixel Worlds but maybe they have several teams, each is working on one game.

Im guessing its only 1 team, that works on the multiple titles that Kukouri has released

But I mean every game need Updates from time to time, isn’t that a bit much work?

They’re prioritising PW for obvious reasons.

Main priority being the card update, then probably some fixes, then the scamming issue alongside cramming the summer update in there. No wonder they need properly trained employees there.

Oh and I just found this lol weird and it doesn’t really fit in this topic but nvm:

But how can they know if u are good or bad at programming?
I mean it could be that they lose the chance for a genius that way.

wtf lol this cant be right i mean we know atleast the PW admins

this can be outdated info, and when i checked the website that provided the information it just showed like 4 more employees

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Usually you’d need a proper certificate for that, such as you stating where you studied programming.

Oh i see, sorry. (20 characters)

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Again, I am not sure if you were actually violating the ToS, however I still highly respect you taking it down.


Removed my pictures 20 char

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This could possibly be one of the reasons i got banned from pw discord, but im not the only one who posted about their identities


Yeah was probably wrong to post this.

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