Larger denominations of bytecoins/Decompose wl > byte

I see so many people that are just saying “they removed wl trading, i quit” When i asked them why, almost all of them said “its too annoying to use big numbers” I think that the dev’s should make a reminder for all new players that would TELL them how to exchange for bytes, with a timer before the ‘X’ is able to be pressed to force them to read it.

the first way i can think of to deal with this is to make a option to deconstruct the world locks in your inventory for bytes.

The second way is to make larger denominations
Bytecoin = 1 Bytecoin
Bronze bytecoin =100 bytecoins
silver bytecoin =1000 bytecoins
Gold Bytecoin=10000 bytecoins
Platinum bytecoin=100000 bytecoins

Now before you blast me let me explain first

The total bytes value will still exist, just when you trade, when it brings up the slider thing, the buttons will appear.

so say you want to buy dark pixie wings for 69000 byte coins.

You would click onto the gold bytecoin and slide to 6
then click silver and change to 9


Just like how a platinum world lock works. This is useful. Btw Neoslayer already suggested this but it just shows how much of us want this feature

EDIT: Wrong category ://

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Nah it should just be

Byte coin =1

Gold byte coin = 10,000

Platinum byte coin = 1,000,000

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Too large.

Remember not everyone is a pogchamp like you


me, an intellectual: types the amount of bytes


My keyboard: I said extra 0 today
I almost gave away my life savings once for a bronze key

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me, still an intellectual: triple checks my trades before making them


it makes it easier to buy more exp items


Eh I don’t even have 1 million bytes…

But your numbers were too small

Maybe 1, 1000, 100,000 is better



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It was first suggested by @Penguin /froji, then me, then Neoslayer. Neoslayer illustrated the idea and made it very popular


Or make the next coin something like “KiloByte Coin, KByte Coin, Kilo Coin” and it’d be 1000 Byte Coins because of the way bytes work.

I thought of that before, but then again i doubt a 9 year old would understand them

It’d become as easy to understand as platinum locks after a week or two though.

9 year olds aren’t supposed to play PW

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