Last Creation of Jake item (Petition)

@Jake in the stream talked about the possibility of making a special item that would mark his last creation before he leaves, he also talked about either making it rare or an item everyone should get.

IMO it should be an item EVERYONE should get cuz he is the community manager it would make sense for him to give it to the community and not just one person


Would also be nice to put a statue in Pixelstation like a prop of a Jake statue or smth.

Orrrr a small area in Pixelstation where you can see all the devs who left with a statue of them. Could be very nice tbh.

That statue can also be put in the shop for a limited time so ppl can place them in their world as a memorial.


Another event that would be like the FIN Pennant event
If you break soil you have a chance of getting one of the developer statues


Cult of the supreme jake

I would love to get all of them but people will prolly sell them for crazy prices.

I think it shouldn’t be a rare creation, but neither should it be too common. Perhaps only those who attended Jake’s last live stream on the 10th of February should get this creation, or everyone who logged into the game on that day will get it.


it would be nice for ppl with 1k days only get it… not achievement just ppl who has 1000 days can only get it then cant get forever

or maybe 1k day achievement

Stupid idea. Supporting someone for 5 years shouldn’t reward people who just happen to be around on one specific day.

Also pretty stupid for many different reasons.

Slightly better. Gives people a bit of time while also not making it as easy as just pressing a button for a free item.

Yes. Perhaps. If he wants people to actually remember him, his “last creation” should be something permanently available. Not just a random event item everyone hoards because of its value. Doesn’t need to be a big deal, just an item in the shop would be sufficient.


ik what u mean… u dont mean stupid, u mean unfair… bad use of words tbh

I think it should be crossbreedable because it’s always felt like we need more of them, and a lot of the appreciation items seem to come from daily quests they tend to be rare. This is what I think the recipe could look like, jelly block seed + heavy metal poster seed.

No, he means stupid.

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no my ideas are never stupid… they are wise just like the wise old man @Orangehairguy stated

Your idea was stupidly wise.

I think it should be available for the day Jake leaves. Maybe a Muggy pet? Golden Muggy Card? Muggy Hat? Maybe even a Muggy set? Only jake would tell.

I think its best if its a new item and not any of those too

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He isn’t, you see he was kidding.

Its called a joke lol

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