Leak in future Update

Thank you Endless…


wow cool, a shuriken :smiley:

haha yes ninja go brrr

ask for
S u g e s t i o n s

Could be something like a Ninja Update or maybe not since there’s already ninja items…maybe an additional to the Samuraiiii booster, isn’t it?

Now they need to add stek

-sigh- more new weapons I have to buy…

They probably add ninja booster
Because sieggy has already suggested
He Made thread about this when he suggested adding it.
Im pretty sure about this xD

Naruto U p d a t e :rofl:

same i want new weapons that just released :joy:

Well… I would accept the shuriken as a VIP Daily Bonus grand prize. :laughing:

It doesn’t sound too hard to obtain. But good luck collecting every weapon.

what about the kunai

Boruto U p d a t e :rofl:

No!!! Naruto update.

lol i just want to say…

to be honest i would prefer the Naruto Shippuden Update :exploding_head:

That would be cool as well :smile:


“Ninja Update” It’d be nice if it came. For example, when wearing a full ninja set, it would be nice if we could stick to the blocks and jump from the blocks to the blocks.