Legendary Perk

Do you guys know the item that gives a more chance in getting a legedary? Well i do :grinning::+1:.

Opened 3 booster and got it :smiley:


Hi, you mean the legendary perk?

Well no thats not true that was just luck people for example ro beta spent 200000 gems and didnt get that ledgendary you were just extremely lucky there was an even chance that would have been another ledgdary

Go to hell. :confused:

I spent 300k. Donโ€™t mistake the numbers.

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once I accidently opened winter booster when I meant to open firework booster and got legendaryโ€ฆ

spended around 250k - 0 legendaries this timeโ€ฆ but i accept this.
change is change its not sure.