Legendary+ Soil

There are only quite a few legendary+ items, so I suggest something new:
Legendary+ Soil.
It is crafted on the Light Altar (or how is that called) with 5 legendary soils.
A Legendary+ Soil would look like Legendary Soil, but the golden parts would be platinum instead.
It would drop a completely new gem drop - will be a white, diamond-shaped gem that is worth 500 gems. (or if the diamond is worth 250 gems, it will drop two of these instead.)

Sacrificing 5 legendary soil isn’t worth it for 500 gems, it would only really be used aesthetically at that point.

Well, 1 legendary soil drops 100 gems.

That’s true, but when you sacrifice something at an altar, you have to take into account that it costs gems too.

Then how much gems should it drop?

It’s difficult to decide, honestly. I’m not sure how I’d go about it.

Sounds like a good idea but, in my opinion, it would be another useless prop like the legendary poop

Maybe a legendary soil pet?

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Pretty much. It would just be a block that you see in some worlds, go “Oh, cool” and then go on with your life.

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That might be better, the similarly to the poop familiar.

Legendary soil is already hard enough to find… The idea is cool but I dunno what purpose it serves aside from making legendary soil impossible to find