Let your ideas go wild just from these few sentences

I thought of something a while back and I’m going to mention it again…

You know EPWR right? And how they require legendaries to make? Or the altar items like the blaster or throne?

Well think about something like that but with every booster item / secret base item, including commons / uncommons

now, let your creativity run wild in the comments

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So like special L+ from each theme of booster?

Except even the commons and above don’t get neglected either

What about old community items?

The mega laser

To craft it you’ll need

  1. 50 golden gears

  2. All the superhero weapons

  3. 250k gems

Basic damage: 20
Crit chance: 1%
Fire damage: 60

Light damage : 60

Description: A weapon that can turn into ashes even the strongest material know to the pixeliankind. Can be used to make tasty serbian BBQ :yum:

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Fart gun :dash:

To craft the fard gun you’ll need:


  2. 25 poop blocks

  3. 250k. gems

Basic damage: 25

Crit damage: 1%

Air damage: 75

Earth damage : 10

Description: This gun will make you smell bad and blow your enemies in the sky. Same ability as SHOUTGUN but stronger

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to make thors stormbreaker

you need 10 thors hammer

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that’s one way to take make an item rarer when it doesn’t need to be