Let's be honest here

Who has ever actually used this option?

The price to upgrade a Noob World Lock to a normal WL is literally the exact same as with buying a new WL.

And as you can only get one NWL per account, it is an item worth keeping to remind you of your early days of playing PW.

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I havent, still got it, but I do have some friends who did it

i didnt actually know that was a thing, converting nwls to wls

Keep in mind the newbie lock has limitations, such as you can’t give others access and it decays after 30 days.


I did, there is no reason to keep that thing when a wl is much better as a world lock

if it was cheaper i would make alts to farm wls

sadly they’re untradable so even it were 3499 gems you still couldnt do a thing with your wls

I used it, because why not? I only got to do it once, though. My other account was already made by the time the update released.

I definitely understand where you’re coming from. Though, I do believe this option is implemented to guide new people to the world lock. I do like the idea behind that feature to be quite honest with you.

i didn’t. my account didn’t get one :hot_face:


Wow an on topic post by ondrashek not about bans; im proud, you get a like