Level 10 pets are bugged?!?

I sent a level 10 pet with full everything at 100% and I got literally the worst loot ever, like why=!?!? My pets are bugged or what?image

This should not be surprising as the level only increases the chances of what kind of loot you will get. That does not guarantee that it will always be the highest one. I am interested where you got the idea that it was the other way around tho.


People get that kind of loot with level 3 pet while I with level 10 get the same like I didn’t waste 2 years to level it up to 10.

That is actually not the worse loot.
i have 50 pets and heres what i can tell you.
a pet requires between 200k-210k carepoints to get lvl 10
the worse loot you can get is just silver coin and bronze nothing else
but yea its not bugged the truth is if your pet lvls up it doesnt increase the chance of getting rare its actually like your pets will take more time adventuring so he can get more e.g
lvl 1 pet can only go to 1world then lvl 3 can go to 2worlds lvl 5 can go to 3 worlds lvl 7 4worlds then lvl 9 5worlds then lvl 10 is 6worlds but the chances are still the same.

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Ive gotten way worse loot, from having my pets all the way up in all there stats and at level 10. I think pets need a buff for more people to use them.

Okay thanks for telling me, I didn’t know that.

Why would you waste gems on 50 pets when you get the same out of 3 pets since multiple oets can’t even go on adventures at once

Also yeah, not seems lv 10 pets get less drops with the occasional gold coin. It really doesn’t look like the other drops changed aside from a few extra pouches and silver coins.

Maybe they like having pets, and it’s not all about profiting that matters to some people(?) Just sayin.

Yeah and feeding 50 dogs a day is totally not a pointless money drain