Level 6 mine and new monster SUGGESTION

i have new suggestion level 6 mine
you know you get dark nugget at lvl 5?
but there are 50 in a mine (so how?)

lvl 5 mine and 6

lets start at lvl 5 there will be 25 dark nugget and 25 diamond nugget
you get 25 bonus nugget if you can get all nuggets (even the diamond)
so you can get more bonus after complete lvl 5 mine and even it like 12% harder to get dark stone
combine 100 diamond nugget to make diamond key (LVL 6)
lvl 6 nugget = 50 mysterious nigget (color grey with few question mark can be combine 100 to make mysterious stone
mysterious stone desc: where you get this? also do not try double click it!


when double click you need 5000 gems or 1 flimsy pickaxe to open the stone

  • 50 dark nugget
  • 2 dark stone
  • 1 pwe terminal (:joy:)
  • 3 platinum key
  • 5 golden chest
  • 3 luxurious gem pounch
  • rare chance: mysterious pickaxe
    desc: a mysterious pickaxe made by no one
    durability:20000 gemstone drop 10 - 15

lvl 6 gemstone: amethyst
tiny: 100 gems
small: 300 gems
medium: 500 gems
large: 1000 gems
huge: 1200 gems
level 6 door is near spawn area or next to the dark vendor


the crystal rocket bomber
shoots crystal rocket follows you (30 sec)
armor: 25

please good feedbacks
also this suggestion don’t tell me if it will be add ingame like i suggested flying saucer
just a different lvl

also for miners if you like it btw :3

k i already do 2 replies why no feedbacks :sob:
is my suggestion bad?

what do u mean with prize?

@vanoyt383_pro Can you elaborate on why would it beneficial to have level 6 mine? As it is pretty much the same and does not seem to make it more interactive besides profitable I presume.

atleast you tried? its just.

I actually already made suggestion about deep nether AKA mine lvl 6

prize from mysterious stone