Link to Mod Applications please?

Hello, I recently took 2 different applications, and I have no idea if they’re real or not. (had no password or anything like that.) so I have no idea if they we’re legit or not.

This is the current moderator application link: It’s worth filling out, but do keep in mind that the administrators added several new moderators to their ranks only last year, so another intake in likely to be further down the track.

They have another mod application?
I’ll ask some of my friends if they wanna sign up

Do note that they won’t ask for your password.
Don’t just fill it in anywhere

It’s the same one from last year - it’s on the discord server in the #announcments tab

I don’t think it’s open?

(This Mod application will close when we have found the right guys for the job.)

So I’d assume they’re still collecting applications since you can still access the form and fill it out.

They already found someone

They might still be taking another look at the applications. Although, it is more likely of forgetting to close the link.

I actually thought it’s not open :thinking:
Application filled