List of improvements that I would like to see in PW

  1. Rework of Mount Rule Bot

Why? You can’t fly with mounts without having a Mount Rule Bot in your world. Since the Mount Rule Bots are super expensive, it really limits the usage of mounts. It makes mounts way less exciting.

  1. More gems from the Netherworld

Why? After mining and fishing have been released, it really doesn’t make sense to go to Netheroworld, since you will get gems slower. The only plus side of nether is that you don’t need to have a good rod / pickaxe to get gems from there, but that’s actually part of the problem too. There’s no way for experienced players to get more gems than beginners. It’s always the (mostly) fixed amount of gems you get.

  1. Less untradeable items, or some better way to store them.

Why? Almost every update with new feature has added new untradeable items that you have to store in your intentory. (Bubble Gum tokens, Aviation Gear, Aviation Token, Dark Nuggets, etc.) They take way too much space in your inventory considering that they will add more in the future. I think that they shouldn’t take up space in your inventory. Yes, you can store them in a bank bot, but that can cost you a ton of gems! Also, why is Wiring Tool untradeable?

  1. A Bigger questline with big rewards.

Why? The questlines in this game are really all based on luck. Butterfly quest is basically impossible do without buying the items from others. Same with superhero questline, and they both are pretty boring, since they are both focused on doing one thing. I think the game needs a big questline that combines all aspects of the game. This big questline would give you an SUPER COOL ITEM at the end, that would be UNTRADEABLE! It really doesn’t feel right trying to complete a long questline if the item you get is tradeable, since you could just buy it from others anyways.

Thats the biggers improvements I think the game needs. What do you think?


Everything here sounds really good.

Especially the point about untradeable items. I hate how I get punished with less inventory space for purchasing the untradeable item bundles, the untradeable item storage has to be paid for too, which is irritating.

I do agree it is a bit of a bummer to have to buy an expensive bot to use an expensive mount in worlds, but at the same time, it’d be kind of OP for mounts to be used anywhere any time. Perhaps lowering the price of the bot would help.

I can get behind this! I used to love doing netherworld dungeons, but then Mining is the main way to go now (which I do really enjoy mining). Maybe they could implement a feature where certain weapons have enemies drop more or less gems, perhaps. I dunno.

I agree here, especially with backpack being a bit pricey to increase, and you can’t actually increase it too much either as there is a limit. (I mean check out the posts @Neoslayer makes about items that increase backpack limits.)

Imagine how awesome some kind of Main Storyline would be that somewhat ties into the lore a bit, and has new quests and such to do, with unique rewards.
Perhaps the item at the end can be a selection like “choose your destiny”, and you can only pick 1 main untradeable prize to keep forever.

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Yes, that’s why the Mount Rule Bot shouldn’t even exist. It only would make sense it the regular rule bot had an optinion for disabling mounts, just like it has for wings or jetpacks.

Mounts are OP if they can be used everywhere, however I agree the rule bot’s price is wayyy too high.

There’s lots of perks which contribute to Nether gems. Most notably, the clan level 10, +100% exit gem bonus.

Slightly expensive, but if you have some gems to spare, I suggest investing in Bank Bot slots.

:+1: Agreed. Both the superhero and butterfly questline require either extreme luck or spending lots of wls.

I agree to this, maybe they could make the Mount Rule Bot just a little cheaper. That would help a lot.

Regarding to this, it would be nice that the developers could buff the NetherWorld someday in the future, either getting more gems per run or adding some more content that could buff our Nether runs.

I understand that this will generate a problem over the time. We already have the Bank Bot system that can storage any item, even untradables ones. However, considering that more untradable items will come in future updates, the limited amount of space available and its costs to upgrade them could be a thing.

Over all, I think that there should be some improvements, not necesary now, but over time.

1: I don’t agree.

2: I agree.

3: I agree.

4: I agree.

No, because mount would be too over powered. Actuall price is fine.

If you have untradeable items taking up all your inventory slots, buy some bank slots in PixelStation. The bank bot should come in handy to you