Loading is incredibly long

Since like 2 days ago, for whatever reason, using this forum has brought immense pain and suffering to me.
That’s because, all of a sudden, every thread takes like 20 seconds to load, so I spend more time loading it than actually reading it. Visiting the homepage also takes a significant amount of time.
Also, the cloudflare loading thing when I open the forum takes more than 5 seconds.

I don’t know what’s causing it, and no, it’s not my internet.

I got this too :frowning:
pls fix it

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i noticed that it’s quicker to retype the main website address to get back to the forum front page lol. clicking on the logo redirect is really slow.

Doesn’t seem to be working for me.

I have also experienced this since today early in the morning. The forums is taking long times to load topics and replies.

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The forums have been fine for the past two days for me, but today it has definitely been noticeable, the loading times have been irritating.

sometimes it takes 30 seconds on me but after few idk times opening same topic it became faster

Jesus christ man, thats strong wifi right there. i can still connect to forums anytime without no problems.

you aren’t the only one mate :frowning:

Yea, ive been noticing the longer load times. I have a feeling, someone is trying to ddos the forums.

The amount of time that I have to wait is ridiculous.
Oh… here we go again… :confused:

Me 2 I got this problem

It seems like everyone has this problem me included

idk feels like it just got fixed. loading quickly for me now.

edit: nvm wtf right after i said this it took forever to load

Exactly it either takes 1 minute or 1 second for it to load for me

For me it takes around 1-5 seconds, seems like everyone here has a different time

weird, when i press any topics. it shows the topic immediately with 1 mpbs.

@Dev pls explain‎‎‎‎‎

Bump, i need to upate
Lately i have been getting insanely long times for the site to load, going back and forth from “Redirecting…” to “Please allow up to 5 seconds…” for a minute, sometimes even more

Ples fix

Man, I seem to get pretty good luck with these things.
The loading times are alright for me now, they’re longer than they were previously, but they’re not as bad as many others have been having recently. My loading times are only extended by about 2-3 seconds right now, which still isn’t preferable, but it’s bearable.