Loading progress V2.0

The current loading screen kinda sucks, in 2 ways:

  • If it gets stuck, it doesn’t show what it is actually stuck on. Like, what process.
  • No percentage, just a dumb green bar that tells you nothing.

Here’s what would show in the status box when the game is loading:

ID Status Message If success If fail
1 Global Server Check ~ !!! Continue to 2 “Cannot connect to Server, error code: XXX-XXXXXX-XXXXX”
2 AS: Checking Continue to 3 “The auth servers are currently offline for maintenance.”
3 AS: Checking status Continue to 4 “Your IP has been restricted from connecting to the Game.” (only in case of when IP bans get implemented)
4 LS: Validating access token Continue to 5 Continue to X1
5 LS: Requesting server data Continue to 6 Continue to X2
6 LS: Server XX allocated, connecting. Continue to 7 “Failed to connect to server, the server might be down. Try again?” (repeat 5 if yes, shut down if no)
7 Server connected, loading. Continue to 8 N/A
8 L: Character (X%) Continue to 9 N/A
9 L: Menu (X%) Continue to 10 N/A
10 Cleaning up Continue to 11 Failed to load the Game.
11 All done, loading… Load the main menu N/A
X1 Access token invalid. Open the login menu to reauthenticate. N/A
X2 Position in Queue: X Continue to 6 N/A

Also, showing the percentage is really simple.

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Honestly, this is useless.

Then why does Trove and many other games have this?

Because they have their own loading screen style.

Yeah and open world RPG game that is built different

it’s so small detail, i don’t understand why devs would waste time making such stuff.

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Let me sum it up for you, Pixel Worlds IS NOT TROVE

What is Pixel Worlds

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Ur mom

2021-10-06 18_02_20-pw-chat - Discord


Well then how do you explain this


Aren’t 2 and x1 the same?

And adding code to tell one what’s their position in the queue would be useless because it will just go extremely fast cuz our community growth can be compared to squid game’s.

How dare you expose me, I’ll SUE you for emotional trauma to me and my account :angry: