Loading time

Well the loading time of the forum needs an impressive amount of time for me, like 25sec+ just to open- or close a new topic etc., so I’d like to ask how I can fix it or if it is a bug or temporary.


I was just about to make a thread about this. Someone is likely attacking the forums again…

oof, well I hope he stops soon :sweat_smile:

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So do I, so do I. :confused:

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Only problem i have is that emojis take too long to load

Edit: i just experienced this bug…

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Whenever this happens it makes the forums so irritating to use.


Same, i thought its my wifi

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I was already restarting the router…

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Someone has attacked the forums before? That sucks, I hope it isn’t happening again. The loading times are just a minor annoyance, so I can deal with them for the time being.

Yes in past 3 days its happening with me too. I hope they fix it or something.

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Yes it started happening today, normally it instantly takes me to a post, but now i gotta wait like 10 seconds

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This is probably caused by heavy internet traffic on their servers, but lets hope they come up with a solution soon :grinning:

Rn even making a comment or thread takes eternity not to mention loading a page takes 30+ seconds

Ayo it took me 1 minute to load , it usually only took less than 5 seconds

Due to last year’s ddos attack, the cloudfire will be permanent and I will have to wait for an hour so that I can enter the forums.