Locking Items

The basic idea is that you can lock items so that you are not abel to accidently trash or drop them. To lock an item you can hold an then there is an new button at the menu.

<-Thats the menu

Lock2 <-Thats how the icon on the item can look like

If an item is locked you cant drop/trash the item but you are abel to trade it. To drop or trash the item you have to unlock it the same way you locked it.

Maybe this feature comes into the game and helps that less items get accidently get trashed or dropped.

there is menus that pop up when you are about to drop/trash items. maybe if you read it, you won’t drop/trash the wrong item.

It sometimes happens and with the feature the item is 100% safe. When you drop/trash almost all items from your inv to clear item, you sometimes hit the false item.