Lol how did this happen

Just look dont respond

i f**ked up everything. i just wanted everyone to be civil to eachother and i think i started a CIVIL WAR with my post :frowning:

not talking about pin means not making more threads about it, that thread included. lol.


One major thing, to stop things you don’t just talk, it’s the same way why teachers aren’t able to control their students nowadays. Violence is not an answer, it’s a question and the answer (in this situation) is YES

Another answer is to give me power for 2 months, I fill all yo problems and then you banish me. The ancient Greeks did this and it worked out :wink:

You get power over yourself.

Yes it would be cool

which era? i am real interested in history and if you are talking about byzantium they got crashed by seljuks and ottomans.

Athenian empire time period

ah alr thank you