Long Blonde Hair

I didn’t know the Long Blonde Hair worth like this now :confounded: Im sorry @Commander_K I sold it… if you still remember me, the one you gave Long Blonde Hair in beta :sweat_smile:


thats nice. Now can you donat me wls plz

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That photo from Rxx.pw, I sold mine in the beta for 60wls :joy:

long blonde hair is a hair given by moderators. Likewise, so are red glasses and cc brown. Long Blonde Hair has 2-3 of them in the game. Its price is increasing day by day. Current price is 300PL +

oof rip, but who knew in beta that they will get so expensive…


I sold mine for 11Wl :joy:

Hmuch dp’s and drac capes exist in game currently?

Rip us, I sold mine after the Game was hack and my wls are used because i bought a fake item.

There’s alot of DP in game, most of the owner are beta player. And I heard a rumor about Dracula only 30+ in game but idk if its true.

Definetly not i think theres about 1000+?

Love the way you pulled all of this information out of thin air.

yes there is
dracula cape 500pl+ and only 16 in game (he said in the jake video)
dark pixie wings 200pl+ and only 50+ in game

I think there Are definetly more dp’s in game than 50 only bcuz only 6 months Ago dp price
Was only 30pl’s.

Nah there’s only about 50

I kinda have a hard time believing that theres 16 ingame maybe a hoarder trash a ton of them.