Looking for clan members

The world is DARK-IS-NEAR

General info: cyber_army [cyber] old clan, I am a new owner of it. Recently made it to level 6. A clan mostly ran by my alt accounts and inactive people. (not many clan members yet)

When you first join you have to contribute 750 gems every day for a week, after a week it drops lower. If you want, you can also earn 50k xp per day so you don’t have to pay any gems.

Best weekly contributor will earn special prizes (not too big)

More detailed info is in the clan world. Make sure to read the rules in the guestbook.

Bump. Now I’m looking for someone to take care of the clan which includes kicking inactive people, that’s pretty much it (optional work would be motivating and reminding people of their daily contributions and general communication with the clan chat) If you do that you can stay in the clan for free and be an elder unless you go inactive. I can also pay you if you want.