Lore based Bosses

It would be nice to have some bosses, to kill them all, and get a loot treasure bag (Like in Terraria)
It would be nice if we have some lore based bosses, and get loot from them.
Like to have to do some puzzles, after you completed them, you will go to the rift world, enter the password portal, and when you enter, you will have to fight a boss
Seems like a good idea.

What’s your opinion?

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For the developers to add such bosses, they’d have to “secretly” put the boss inside the game, to let pixelians find the bosses themselves (without the developers telling).

It would also have to be really hard to find/spawn such bosses, since the boss have to be unknown and anonymous, like the current state of the lore.

Well, those bosses should spawn randomly in any worlds after the lore is 100% complete. Also, so many players want the lore solved, so yea, it should be pretty easy to get them spawned

Thing is, only the minority of the community wants the lore solved. I wouldn’t be seeing a 100% completed lore anytime soon…

While the others just want to get the spoils so that they can get WLs and other rich items.
Greed drives them…

yeah, we will see in the future

Time will Tell
It definitely will…

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