Lost account question

hey pixel worlds developers. i made this topic because 1 year or months ago i made a account called “ENDRITTT”. when i made that account there was bug that we cannot set a email account for the pw account and if you log out you cant log back. so when that bug was fixed i connected with my gmail called “krasnice88@gmail.com” (dont worry this account doesn’t exist so i havent publish something personal i will tell why its deleted) everything was ok. so i played lots and lots on that account and a day i couldn’t log back even i didnt log out. i go recover my password but i saw my gmail deleted i cant tell reason sorry :smiley: later then i contacted your mods and they all replied back, but no one was helpful. so my question is there are a account called “ENDRITTT”? if you want a proof then go to world same as my name… Please contact me in discord Lorxe#3691 if there is that account.

Thanks for the help!

Once you’ve losted your account, no one can use it also as yours. Forever lost.

my bunny is lost


Mods couldn’t really help with problems like this.
Contact support@kukouri.com

my question is does that account exist i know that i lost

Send this to support@kukouri.com

how is that possible when he didnt add his email because of the bug

it does exists, but is dead because youve forgotten it.

I had the same problem but only with the email. Support contacted me and changed the in-game email but I had to log into the account in order to get them to change my email so I have no idea if you could recover your account, I think that’s not possible.