Lost account

Hello, i lost a pixel worlds account. Yes it looks like a trying steals someones account, but trust me it’s not. I was playing with account gamerltu_yt and the name for me is cringe. So i created a account wildcreature. One day i have all my items in wildcreature account, but then i left my phone unlocked and my friend installed a hack (i dont know) and i got banned by bot as he said for 10 years. I tryied senind gmails but noone replyied to me. I was angry i changed account password to random and put random gmail. Then about 10 days later i got replyied by PW support that account was unbaned but i dont remember pass and there was random gmail. I was so angry that i lost my 2017 all journey earnings so i wrote one more lettter. I got replyied that i dont have proofs but i bought in game 1euro vip for 20 days two times. I send a google purchase photo, but there was not enough proofs. Im here for the third time and i need that accounf back because in it its all my items. Please replay after this massage. Better in … thanks and have a good day.

Firsly getting unbanned for using hacks sounds off… i’ve never heard anyone getting unbanned for using hacks… you sure it happened?
Secondly, i’ll hightly recommend you to send an other email if you haven’t got a reply, perhaps they missed out your email so sending an other one would make them read it.

(Oh and also, don’t share your email here, it’s not support and everyone can see it so it’s not a good idea to do that!)

Thanks for response. Ok i lied i tryied ;D. But i writed email as I said and they unbanned me, but I dont remember password and I changed random email. Then they didn’t replyied when I wanted to change gmail. I only remember gmail that I set but its not my. So what I need to write in a letter. I’ll send another but help me because i dont understand what they need. I had a purchase in game with that account, I send it to them but they said its not enough proofs. I bought from my phone number i send they a reciept of google play purchase. Thanks.

The google play reciept should do normally and i don’t see why if you sent it, they’ll refuse it as this is the most solid proof you can have of you owning the account (considering the IAP purchase is truely yours)
Normally when you purchase something, you should get a email from google so a screenshot of it including the GPA code is all that is needed to prove the account belongs to you.

Thanks for response. I got a gmail from support they need gpa number and receipt i got couple because i bpught vip on WildCreature (banned account), Gamerltu_yt (Main account) so can they check couple because i dont know. In the receilt only writes hmuch i paid and the date. Only know the fact i bought a vip for 0,99 euros for 20 days.

Either check your emails to look for the email you got from google play or check:
https://payments.google.com/ with the google account you used to do the transaction and you’ll find your payement history and by clicking on the transaction, you’ll be able to download the reciept that you should send to support if you lost the email.

I got a receipt maybe u can check it and recover my account?

Only admins can check it i’m afraid… so you’ll have to see that with the support.