Lost items or BC

@Retnos hi you closed a thread that you wrote this in

"… if you got scammed, items won’t be returned btw… "

Can you explain to me one good reason why when it’s proven someone had lost out to another player who even gets banned said player doesn’t get back what they lost?

It just doesn’t sit comfy with me - my own little sister spends pocket money on the game if she loses items she has indirectly got having bought VIP or something similar then it’s plain theft of her money not to return it?..

Why would the game do that anyway? In fact i should be telling her NOT to spend money which surely Kukuori don’t want??

Sorry if it’s a tough question but I want to know

Report the scammer. You won’t get your items back.
Case closed, what’s wrong lol.

Tellcode I’m sorry but the victim is the player.

If you lose money not out of carelessness but someones ‘clever’ scam it’s theft in my book.

Case isn’t closed and player has lost.

I still want an explanation as to why the game makers won’t replace it/them?

I am 100% certain it’s possible, and if it wasn’t could be made so.

It is a computer program - anything is possible !

Leaving your world unlocked or someone using your password is NOT a scam in my book . That’s just careless on the players part - tough love and all that…

But trading on the PWE for an item to find it was duped and you not getting your money back is the game makers stealing your money!

  • what else is it?


Imagine you had friends - lets say 100
Your 100 friends scam each other.
They trade every item scammed between 2 random people.
They ask you to help return every item to its original owner.
You cannot make a mistake, if you do, you will have no friends.

BUUUT every time you return an item, 10 more people claim to have been scammed, if you do not return all the items you will be blasted to hell.

This is the problem with trying to return items, they have to return ALL items, past, present and future, and run the risk of being blasted if they mess up, or don’t return an item.

Nobody has enough time for this, and Kukouri doesn’t want to run the risk of negative PR.

Support auto message clearly state that:

If you got scammed, just email support with proofs, admins will look into it and as it says, ban the scammer.

Also, i think it’s to gain time as i guess, look at all the trades logs takes time and if they would return items, like @Desti said they would need to look trade logs of few people if that specific item was given away to someone else, trashed etc… Basically hours/days of looking throught trade logs just for 1 item. Tbh it dosen’t worth the time.

Well it may not be worth the time to them but say that to the person that loses out??

I’m still not convinced, seems as though some serious programming would need to be done to make this a simple task…

Thanks for taking the time …

One last point on this

It would be all to easy for players to think what the hell if I can’t get my item back why take the time to report :thinking:

Not everyone cares for others and some are even vindictive!

Not me btw.
Enjoy the game

Why would someone want that to happen to somebody else. They must’ve 0 sense of empathy.

Jake has explained this multiple times.

Let’s say an user with the name PlayerA creates another account with the name PlayerB.

A fake scam is then played where PlayerB scams PlayerA’s items.

PlayerA then contacts support due to lost items. PlayerA gets their items back, but PlayerB still has those items. PlayerB then transfers these items to PlayerA’s account and boom, duped.

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It’s because it’s significantly more demanding. I believe moderators don’t have that privilege. Only administrators can do that, and those are paid employees who can’t be bothered with hundreds of people being scammed every week (before even the fake reports and stuff). It gets messy easily. Moderators can see the message being reported, and while it’s still hard, they can probably monitor around the account for future violations to be caught. Unless it’s text-based violation (e.g. "Drop XXX to win YYY now) that can be easily proven, it’s hard for moderators to send the ban hammer. Even message like, “drop”.

If there’s any moderators who want to clarify, feel free, but from what I understand, most bans related to scam, unless the classic “drop x to win y” sentence under one message, are done when the scam is actively undergoing.

It is not “simple” in any way.

To do the right thing and prevent others from getting scammed.