Lost my account Jovve

Dear pixel worlds,

i have lost my account a while ago because i have forgotten my password

i have tried resetting my password by email, but it seems that i didn’t link my email address with the account. This bothers me because i have spent much time on that account, and got pretty rich too.

i think i have enough proof that the account is mine, i have a youtube channel where i made a lot of Pixel World content on i have proof that the youtube account is mine.

account name: Jovve

please help me get my account back

from, Jovve

support@kukouri.com - This is the support email, copy this post to the email and you’ll get help :’)
and add the YT channel link on the email



Hi jovve!
i am no expert or anything but if you have bought anything and got receipt(thats in your mail) i think you can restore your account by mailing support!
have a nice day bud!


I have sent the email and they have yet to respond. I think it is because they dont respond to emails about lost accounts.

Thanks for your comment.

It’s not that they don’t respond to a specific type of mail or anything. They just have too many mails because of the amount of players. Just sit back and wait until they finally see your mail.

it can take months, not only days, so keep waiting :’)

That sucks

Ikr, i had 1.2m byte coins

Youtube account: Jovve pw

Hi ghost2130,
This is what they sent me back,


Sorry to hear that!
The only way to recover a lost account is with the email recovery

Best regards,
Pixel Worlds support

Pixel Worlds Support

If you own the channel, you must have access to the email that’s linked with your pw account, right?

have you bought anything ingame? if you have a receipt thats technically a proof that you own the account. send that to pixel worlds mail account and say that you want to recover your password and when you try to press the button it doesnt send any e-mail and you have this receipt as your proof.
good luck friend