Lost my dark pixie set due to a duping mannequin rollback


So basically, many people witnessed my world NEO server crashing, and nobody could go in. a few minutes later, this must have happened. But I only noticed a few hours after it happened because I looked down at my Arknights and realized I accidentally pressed 1 - tap buy on a 53 dollar purchase and spent my time trying to refund it lol.

Notes: It must have happened before I used dragon wings - I think after trading I put on the wings to jump up to my usual fishing spot.

The same has happened to @VanPixels with mannequins. I just never noticed it until hours later since I was fishing.

Also no I’m not asking for items on the sign, I’m not forcing you to give anything so don’t hate on me for that.


Screenshot of the set, except instead it was pink earring and no mask image

I think you are the player who has lost their DP the most amount of times. First from a hacker, and now from a bug lol.

Hope you get it back :+1:

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I probably won’t. Like last time

Maybe you have got them back by now, but good luck.

it also happened to me last time but on a chest. I was clearing the world CDD and i put my 3 PL and Soda Jetpack in the chest. While clearing my internet lost and i restart the game but it says maintenance break, so i thought it was a sudden update or a bug so i took a short nap. Then when i woke up Instead of clearing it I decided to buy all the necessities needed first, but then i was shock to see the chest opened empty and my PL is not in my inventory.

I tried to contact support but i dont have screenshots so the case was ignored :pensive:.

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It has been a week, my grasp is slowly lessening as time passes, as they will be unable to check the code and rule it out as unsolved


I realized I also put a spectrum necklace in a chest during that time because my friend gave it to me for that set. And now it’s not there.

Your cursed with bad luck my friend.

Maybe Starfire took em again.

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Does this mean they technically scammed me