Lowrider Update

Lowrider Duel is a mini-game where you earn rider points to buy new cars by dueling with other players.
If you go to the dynamic world called PixelStation, you can find the Lowrider Shop and there is different type of car models you can buy for Lowrider Points and Gems.

1-Green Lizard
2-Road Burner
3-Pinky Tinky
4-Clear Sky
5-Classic Gold

The cars won’t just speed up, they’ll go from slow to fast like in real life.

How to play?
You or someone else will be able to see the Duel button by clicking on the opposing player with wrench, there are two options, the first is that two players will give 350 gems, and the winner will receive Lowrider Points as a reward.

The second option is that you will be able to play for free with any player you want, but there will be no reward.
If you don’t have a car, of course this duel button won’t show up for any player.

You can only play by giving gems 15 times a day. When this limit is over, you can only play the free mode.

It is played with arrow keys on PC and touch arrows on other touch devices.
Every time you win, you get 1 Lowrider point.

When two people accept to the duel, the countdown from 3 begins, the arrows start to come nonstop from right to left, and what the player has to do is press these arrows in time.
As the two players play this duel, their cars begin to move up and down, just like Bunnynator Shoes, with musical notes coming out of the back of the car.
Each successful move gives you 100 points or if you press late it gives you 50 points, if you don’t press any arrow it doesn’t score.
Each round takes 1.30 minutes, and the speed of the incoming arrows begins to come even faster after a while.



Why it is Lowrider and not normal cars?
Reason: A hydraulic suspension can quickly raise and lower the car, making it hop and jump – or dance. Some lowrider shows have dancing car contests.

New features can be added or things may change, my main goal is to give idea so It doesn’t have to be perfect.



feeling nostalgic , XD its like playing GTA San Andreas ,


Interesting concept! Even if this doesn’t get into the game, I’d love to see the lowriders be repurposed for something else, especially the green lizard…


Love the idea, imagine dancing in lowriders while wearing stuff from the Gangsta Booster.


for better one
the duel button change it to 2 swords like fight sword or smth

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I loved the idea! It would be cool to have duel games inside the game to play against your friends and other players. :smile:

Who knows? Maybe in the future there will be a feature to duel players through a minigame. :wave:


Nice concept!


Plz please developers don’t be lazy and start developing this into the game!


Haha what a neat idea! It gives me club penguin vibes honestly and the nostalgia is hitting hard. I’d love to see something like this.


Oh, you just unlocked a memory of my childhood. I’m feeling nostalgic now, lol.


this kinda like friday night funkin tho

True but without the mods

That’s probably what inspired this idea. @Editson has made suggestions inspired by other games before, like his ‘Find Traitor Feature’ thread, which was most likely inspired by Among Us.

Rythm games are also a much more diverse genre though, which expands far beyond that of games like Friday Night Funkin’, so I can see this thread going further because of that.

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The idea is insane and would love to see it on pixel worlds!

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