Magnet prices

Can someone explain to me why people are paying so much for them?

Right now there are orders for 300bc / item. Wtf is going on

They only cost 1000 gems - so on a mobile phone you can get one free everyday by doing ads?

Not the first time I’ve seen this recently neither

Gems are expensive rn, 1000 gems are worth 250 bc or something like that. Also the magnets are needed regularly by the players.

Now compare that to Growtopia and its equivalent of a recall magnet. It is an exceedingly rare item over there (I believe it’s event-only?) and it costs 1DL.

Meanwhile in PW it costs slightly more than a WL.

Well, to me Gems, in small numbers, eg 1k are so easy to come by - Free even!

I use magnets all the time .

5 today !

So in your opinion at what item value in BC do you say to yourself “ok I need to use a magnet on this one”?

I have noticed the huge jump in price of pwe machines and as an account has a vip and 100k+ in gems I’m considering buying two of them

I still say 300bc for a magnet is ridiculous

Oh lucky me , at the weekend i found 17 magnets in a world ! I had recently got 10 together so have never had so many…

Wait wait wait… You could buy 1,000,000 gems for 250,000 and sell it for 300,000…

That’s a lot of magnets dude :joy:

1 stack for a million gems, precisely.