Mailbox System

What’s the problem with just adding a simple mailbox system to the game, like this:

Players would be able to send mail to other players as notices for them when they log in.

Devs would also be able to send out mail globally and/or with attachments, such as rewards from streams or contests.

An example attachment mail would look like this:

Subject: Your rewards
Here are your redeemed rewards from the stream. Please claim the attachments below.
1x Standard Muggy Card

Or this:

Subject: Congrats on winning!
You’ve came in Find Jake in 2nd. Attached is 22D of VIP.
VIP duration: 22d 0h 0m 0s


I remember this being suggested on the old forums, don’t remember by who, though. I liked the idea back then, and I’d still like it being implemented in the game. Although for admins it’d be more or less useless since they can just give the VIP and items on players’ accounts regardless. But for us regular players it’d be a nice addition, I’d love to be able to send my friends little notes and gifts. Sometimes it’s tricky to give my friends stuff since many of them don’t have donation boxes in any of their worlds.

you won jake ultimate giga giveaway
YOU WON! now you can claim your item!
500000000 gems, muggy 50x, 1000000000000 byte coins

cool idea tho

There could be a option to get messages from only friends/clan members etc.

First time you actually had a good idea.

Tho this could be abused if people aren’t careful


go on and type in your user and pass to claim u prize

Pw community manager etc etc

Messages actually by developers will be marked as such and put in a special “Official Mail” category.

Yes, but if it’s an item that is granted, and the player has a full inventory, then how will they receive the item?

You mean when admins give items to people? I don’t think full inventory is such a huge problem when it comes to that, since most likely the player receiving an item would have at least one empty slot. Also admins don’t often give items to players, usually it’s VIPs and such that they give.
Mailbox system would still possibly make it easier, though. I’d love to see it in game.

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