"Maintenance" threads need to stop

We don’t need 50 million threads about maintenance whenever there’s a maintenance going on. Yeah that includes this thread which is a little redundant, but still.

You can see on the main page we’re having one, what do you get out of having a bunch of threads about it?

How about just make a big maintenance megathread and pin that one instead?

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Doy ou now when will maintrance stop :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :hushed:


Most of em are light hearted, poke fun , etc .

Plus i really would like to get back not one but 2 lost VIPs …

Who else am I going to ask …

Chill out and stop stressing about others stressing ! LoL

that doesn’t change the fact that there’s 50 million threads about maintenance flooding the entire forums. Write to support if you’re actually losing vip. What help do you expect from a bunch of random players who are in the same boat as you?

EXcUSE ME?? YOU are infringing on my FREEDOM OF SPEECH!
If i have an opinion I WILL SAY IT! I dont care if you never wanted to know my opinion! I will tell you that i know this websites managers VERY WELL and i will have you taken off this site in a snap JUST LIKE THAT! You want to know the purpose? You would never understand you poor peasant! Mind you I have more fake internet points than you SO I AM MORE IMPORTANT because of this my opinion MUST be heard because only then will SOMETHING be done about this situation! I hope you learn from this serious misjudgment and apologize! after that i can gift you some medical honey to help heal these burns i just gave you.

I wait for your apology young man!

Man I expected something creative

its me, Desti, what did you expect, me to be serious? If so here

Yes I agree on your message on this topic. This forum is not for every little thing that players decide is not in their favor. It is simply foolish of them to think that their little pebble of a message would cause a tsunami of action from the developers. Half of the posts regarding this topic is simply “Oh the developers are trying to fix the game? I don’t like that”.

The maintainance and rollback is simply for the greater good. Without them, the game would be in shambles. I do not however, fully put the blame on the players for this, It is also the fault of developers for not finding these vunerabilities in the game, however, it can be argued that this is probably mainly caused by the lack of developers in the game.

Blaming the developers for making you lose a bit of profit is simply foolish, if they did not take the necessary action to fix the game, further disasters like this would bring the game to its knees.

Ok @Neoslayer is that what you expected

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If people are concerned about the maintenance break, or the rollback, or etc. it doesn’t matter, let them go to the Forums, that’s literally what Forums are for, they’re for local concern. You can’t just deny people their prerogative of asking questions. Lmao

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The forums aren’t for flooding out all the actual entertaining part with the same “why mentankncse my gam not work”
This could all be put on the aforementioned hypothetical megathread.

And trust me, if you were in this forums before the last mod character arc you’d know how wrong you’d be about the “local concern” part… 90% of threads would be deleted.

Not that deep buddy.

That seems to be your response to everything you’re too lazy to read.

Notice how u the only one crying over these threads when its not bothering anyone else

Speak for yourself. All the forum regulars are drowned out by people crying about maintenance.

Maintenance truly brings out the worst of this community lol