Make an option to hide your own username

This feature can be useful to creators who wants to make movie videos and the username can be distracting. Also some items might collide with username which makes it hard to crop & use green screen

hiding of name is only visible to you

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Absolutely not. :>>>

Creators can disable green name.

This feature could be useful…



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you know he probably means that its invisible for just you only lol


I can imagine a guy scamming without his name thinking others can’t see it either lol

He means it’s only invisible for you

ppls who doing illegal trade can freely screenshot stuffs in game

I didn’t get what you’re trying to say.

You can already screenshot something and just crop yourself out.

You’ve oddly got some good experience with this :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have baba booeyed myself :disappointed_relieved:

But also useful to the scammers who will not be noticed

He probably meant it’s only invisible for you

Well, ppls will freely make a scamming video without being care of getting banned

I don’t think scamming videos are the major evidence in catching scammers…

It’s like expecting a thief to leave their business card in the place of robbery…

And then being unable to ban business cards (for whatever reason) because then you won’t be able to catch the thief.

The victim makes a report, and if there are witnesses, they do too.

It’s not that simple…

Well, anyone can already draw something over their usernames.

And the scamming would have happened either way, it’s just that it’s recorded by the scammer in the second scenario, which doesn’t do anything.