Make feet more visible

Add an emote where you would be able to show your nicely looking feet.
Add clothes that expose your nice feet
Add items that mame your feet like: oily,black,yellow,small,big, medium,above medium,below medium,very large, Extremely huge
When im playing this game i want to be able to look at my feet all the time while having the same armor stats (please take care of this my mental health and sanity are going downhill :frowning: )
Mods should encourage people to wear special feet items
In fact remove everything that covers your feet. Who needs that anyways
Make feet more special. Like furry feet. Femboy feet. Anything works. If its feet it’s feet.

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I will take criticism and trolls seriously. This is a serious topic for serious people

This is 100% satire lol

This is not satire. People are hungry for feet. Everyone knows it very well.

eh ok lol you do you

my mouth is literally drooling for the day they add this

what is it for someone?

useless and not needed

It is certainly a very great concept that will get added in pw 2

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