"Make pw great again"

Here are a list of things i think the Developers should fix/upgrade WHILE they add new stuff to game

It could just be bit by bit, like a patch in every update.

Things to improve:

Yes, our friendly, furry companions need an update, currently, pets are only used as a type of extra dailybonus, which I think would not be how you would treat them in real life.

Just adding a function, such as just adding new houses that you could upgrade their kennels to would be sweet, they could give buffs or something

I am just disappointed with the lack of updates it has gotten. The nether today is literally the same as when it just came out. Adding new modules, mobs, and LEVELS(Harder team nether) would make it more interesting.


Making it more realistic, such as adding different types of hooks, rods, weights and fish species would make it more interactive(If you mod guns in COD games etc you’d know what i mean) and fun.
Another thing that bothers me is that Kingfish and Tuna are saltwater fish, but are caught in Clear water ._.


More mines are needed. 5 mines is just not a lot, and they are not that hard either.
Aside from this, more mining gear and pickaxes(such as ones that give a higher range of gems e.g 1-15 or concentrated e.g 7-8)

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Nether needs to be buffed

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Yes, sorry i was just seeing how listing looked

Since when did Moderators became Developers? :thinking:


Moderators and Developers are two very different things

Moderators moderate the community, they see the good and bad. Developers do something to the actual game

Keyword “developers”


I think they slightly buffed the Nether a few months ago, by adding more amount of monsters, but generally nothing much significant

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I agree with a lot of these, I don’t think fishing or mining could use a improvement. But I do think, clans should be on there too as not really a lot with clans right now.

Agree to all these. Also Horse mount is needed. Double scab also.

furry companions need an update


Nether blade thingys

Nether and mining should be made more interesting.

Also I love the fishing suggestion.

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If i can find it, i actually made a suggestion about it a while ago.

Quickdraw blade just doesn’t fit Geralt the Witcher

My current set.