Making a website for art (not just pw)

So, I will be making a website for art. It will be like a more “family friendly-ish” deviant art (since in there, a lot of adult content can be seen and it is easy to outsmart the age confirmation there). It will be like forums but for art (once again, any art, even not pw related)

I’m using a free website maker too btw because I am still learning how to code


That sub-forum in community creations is strictly for fan art.

hm, might just make a website that is for all art I guess

I look forward to seeing it :sunglasses:

UPDATE: I decided to cancel it for now because 1.) I am starting to think it is a dumb idea and 2.) I need to practice using the website maker

To be realistic, making a website and managing it is a lot of work. You’d probably need to start looking for ways to host all the images people upload assuming you gather a large enough userbase, which can get costly.
That being said, if you went through with something, good luck!