Man likw 70% of my in game freands quit

man in 5 months 70% of my in game freands quit thats nuts

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Joe007 we can read edits :joy:

As for a reply ? Imo the reasons are so many different things just adding up… i can’t be a$$ed to write one


It’s quite normal believe it or not.

We get bored of the same game even if there is great new content, the same happend with me but different games then i moved to pw and i actually enjoy it. Because i haven’t “nerded” the game out. Your friends have prob played the game a lot and therefore it must be a bit boring for them to play it.

Doesn’t have to be the games fault, its the human nature buddy!


Just wanted you to say smth before me

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relatable, literally no one in my friendlist who is og is online anymore

ikr… Most of them quit after getting all their items stolen lol

we quit but that doesn’t mean we won’t be back. I am still back once in a while