Mannequin Bug

I thought my internet was bad bad it was not


oof u may restart game

yeah i restart the game and after minutes again it will bug again

I think it is related to the internet.

nope because i can break a block

oof then idk because i don’t have this bugand i know none who got it (excpet you, from this topic)

bug and* not bugand (i made a misstake in my last reply)

bruh again mistake* (look for my last reply)

try spam pressing the mannequin button, punch the mannequin x1, leave the world and return or this might be a serious bug.

i did restart many time and one time my item in mannequin got lose. and i restart again and it back but now its okay now

its okay like the problems solved? if so, then good luck finding another bug.

wdym finding do you mean im executing the bugs? lmao

yessir, catch bug - helps you - you kill it well nvm

so all is good now, u can use the mannequins?

ok its okay its actyally an okay