Mannequin Glitch

What’s the mannequin glitch they’re talking about on Discord? I have two fishing sets with superior rods stored in mannequins. I was about to swap it with my mining set but I remembered those guys on official Discord server last week having conversation about the mannequin glitch/bug. I’m afraid I might lose my items if I use it.

I think they mean mannequin scam


1 x person with no common sense
1 x mannequin
1 x Small lock

  • random clothes

Basically tell person to change clothes with mannequin

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I’ve also seen some people talk about the glitch

But right now, my mannequin works fine, maybe in certain cases it actually does happen?

Yeah I tried it and nothing weird happened too. Hmmm maybe it does happen by chance but yeah, I won’t trust my mannequins for now as they had warned about the glitch.

They may be referring to the glitch where you swap your set and you lose all items you had on. This most likely caused by connection issues, if this occurs I believe emailing support in this case works, as you lost the items from a glitch and not a scam. So you will get your items back.

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The glitch actually consists of duplicating the set you are wearing when changing sets with a mannequin. It rarely happens and the people it happened to said they went to their mannequin, changed sets with the mannequin and instead of having the mannequin set they still had their set but the mannequin had their set too and the previous items on the mannequin vanished.

It could be that there are different mannequin glitches, that’s the only one I know about.