Max level players

So theres lot max level players, and gaining xp after reaching 200lv is pretty boring.
Instead of adding more levels to the game (that maybe make low lv players mad or something) How about make max level players gain gems everytime they reach 120k xp.

That may help people keep playing game more. And i would like to get more emotes to the game and perks, but theres no grafic artist or animator in the dev’s team.

:monkey: :monkey:


Not a bad idea, that’d definitely help with player retention

Why the monkeys though?

I had actually suggested this some months ago
it was never added

Monke superiority

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oh sad, i dont get why they dont. this is great idea and it doesnt cause troubles to economy

No gems bonus at 200, t’s intented just for leveling and in my oppinion it’s enough.
Chat, PvP and Perk system really needs update.

I agree with you but to 200lv player its so stubid. You just gain xp… Some quest gives just xp…

ma 27. kesäk. 2022 klo 16.58 R0T0R via Pixel Worlds Forum <> kirjoitti:

XP is meant for Clans.

I am in 10 level clan :eyes:
Jaut earning some gems more for xp doesnt cause any problem…

ma 27. kesäk. 2022 klo 18.09 R0T0R via Pixel Worlds Forum <> kirjoitti:

I like clans but I don’t like clash of clans.