Meanings behind your usernames?

Curiousity is killing the cat


Absolutely nothing. I was making an username on a game called Goodgame empire and it recommended me the name “vladimirwarrior” so i just decidet to use it till now. I have been using this name for like 5-6 years

had a duck that i loved, i named it “duckles” but it died sadly
so yes

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The meaning behind my name has to do with my irl name which is luke, and i mixed it with my love of fireworks and soda which gives a pop, which explains it

Well forum or pw?
if pw then first of all I’m called shadowmaster15 there, and thats cuz I took that name from when I was some small kid, thought something like that sounds cool, like the ‘‘15th master of the shadows’’ (omgggggggg), but its just some cringe sht now, but I didnt bother to change lol.

if forum, then well mrdeath… ehm… well I do not know


Some friends irl used to use “Kaluub” as some sort of name instead of “Kaleb” and I just decided to use it online since I liked it

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what does kaleb mean?

It’s just my first name.

ah nice…
well hello kaleb

No idea


There’s chocolate called “Fazer”(Which taste i really love btw) in my country (also it’s very well known in finland)
And well, i liked the sound of it and tried creating something similar to it.

It has also small connection to username my brother uses in games he’s playing.

At least that’s what i think how i made my username, maybe there was something else too but i forgot.

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nothing to do with zeus or so?

Holy gosh.

I forgot about that totally.

11/12 year old me thought XILightX sounds soooo cool
I just removed the XI X part because it sucks so bad lol
I actually like the name Light so yea


I thought nobody actually played that game, it just had a huge marketing team, but guess I was wrong

Also, regarding my username, “Ondrashek” was a nickname that my mom called me in text messages. 06 - birth year. The idea to add my birth year was from my older brother’s username.

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I bet you’ve never heard of Battle cry. I first used Desti there

Exo sounded veerryyy nice
Plus a soldier? Man they’re cool :smiling_imp:

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Back in Beta I just wanted a 4 Letter name I could stick with.
I made a couple, but Murs stuck. :slight_smile: